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    • Cream of the Crop!  The David Austin Rose is regarded as the pinnacle of beauty among the rose blooms.  Please call for color variety availability.

      JGC David Austin Rose Bush


    • Our Beautiful Locally Grown Mixed Patio Planters are the perfect addition to your outdoor decor!  Their colorful blooms will continue throughout the summer.  Many varieties and color combinations are available.

      JGC Mixed Patio Planter

      from $49.99

    • Another Variety of Mixed Annual Basket, this variety features petunias, which love the sun!  Colors and Varieties will vary, and are sure to please!

      JQGC Mixed Annual Basket SUN


    • Welcome!  We are Bursting with Beautiful, Locally-Grown Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Pottery & More!  Swing in Today!

      JGC Front Entrance

      Please call for pricing

    • For Blooms All Summer!  This Large Ivy Geranium Beauty is an upgraded moss and metal hanging basket.  Easy Care and Gorgeous!

      JQ Sun Beauty

      from $59.99

    • Knock Out Rose Bushes are known for their summer-long blooms.   They prefer a sunny location.  Call for color / variety availability.

      JGC Knock Out Roses


    • What a lovely addition to the garden!  This topiary rose bush is approx 3'-4' high and enjoys a sunny location.

      JGC Md Topiary Rose Bush


    • OOOOOhhhhh!!!  We Love these topiary Rose Bushes!  This variety is about 3' tall and is So Pretty!  This unique version of a classic favorite is sure to please!  The Terra Cotta pottery is an add on feature.

      JQGC Topiary Rose Bush

      from $59.99

    • Our garden center has a nice selection of green and flowering trees and shrubs, and our experienced and knowledgable team can help with all your planting questions!

      JGC Trees & Shrubs

      Please call for pricing

    • We have a beautiful selection of Knock Out Rose Bushes for yourself or for a gift!  This variety blooms throughout the summer with just a little TLC.  These rose bushes make a lovely addition to your favorite gardener's oasis!

      JQGC Knock Out Rose Bush


    • WOW!!!  These Hibiscus Plants are Wonderful!  Appropriate for patio or other outside areas until the frost; then bring inside and enjoy!  Many colors are available!

      JQGC Holy Hibiscus!

      from $89.99

    • WOW!!  The Colors of our Locally-Grown New Guinea Impatiens are Outstanding!  All Proven Winner Varieties.

      JGC New Guinea Impatiens


    • Bold, Bright & Beautiful, the Geranium is the True Flower of Summer! Heat and Drought hardy, these locally-grown annuals are the perfect addition to your landscape.  We have them in a multitude of sizes and colors.

      JGC Geraniums

      from $34.99

    • This annual vine will climb/cover quickly in a sunny / partial sunny location.

      JGC Thunbergia Vine


    • Our Beautiful Locally-Grown Garden Center Hangers are Stunning for Your Home, Office, or as a Gift!   
Different sizes, varieties, and combinations are available.  Please specify for sun or shade.

      JGC Colorful Hanger - Sun


    • It's always a beautiful day in our Garden Center!  Drop in for a happy stroll through the roses, geraniums, petunias & more!  We are open 7 days / week!

      JGC Roses & Geraniums

      Please call for pricing

    • Our Fabulous NH Farms grown beautiful organic annual hangers to color your summer!  Many varieties are available.  Please call us if you'd like to choose a particular variety, or allow us to choose for you!

      JGC Locally Grown Annual Hangers

      from $29.99

    • Perfection!  Beautiful Locally-Grown Petunia Hangers!  Available in many colors!

      JGC Purple Petunia Plant

      from $29.99

    • A familiar bloom of early Spring!  Colorful Azaleas & Rhododendrons are a New England landscape staple!  We have several colors available.

      JGC Azaleas & Rhodies

      from $39.99

    • Gorgeous Geraniums !  Local Grown!   Several Sizes & Colors are Available!

      JGC Geranium House

      Please call for pricing

    • We have a wide selection of lovely perennial plants to add to your garden!

      JGC Mixed Perennials

      from $19.99

    • One of Many Beautiful & Colorful Hangers for a Sunny Location!

      JGC Colorful Mixed Sun Hanger


    • Gorgeous, Full & Colorful!  Our Local-Grown, Hand-Made, Premium Annual Garden Planters are ready for You!   Perfect for front step, mailbox, patio, pool-side, party decor & More!  These planters will bloom beautifully until the first frost - (fingers crossed in November!)  Many size, varieties and colors are available.

      JQ Annual Planters

      from $39.95

    • Rose of Sharon is an outdoor shrub that blooms mid- late summer.  They are a NH yard must-have!  Color may vary.  Tree variety is pictured behind the lavender variety, shown in Deluxe.

      JQ Rose of Sharon

      from $49.99

    • New Hampshire has THE BEST growers!  And we have their cream of the crop!
Hanging Annual Baskets are available in Three sizes!  This Jumbo Basket will feature a variety of mixed bloomers in a variety of colors ~ all are sure to please!

      JQGC Jumbo Hangers!


    • New Guinea Impatien Hangers are perfect for a shady or partially shady area.  They enjoy morning sun and afternoon shade, or a filtered sun environment.  Many colors are available!

      JQGC New Guinea Impatien


    • Our delightful herb gardens are always a popular choice!  They feature a mix of varieties that can remain in the pot or be planted in a larger pot or garden as the season progresses.  A fun gift for the chef and gardener in your life!

      JQGC Herb Garden


    • Perfect for a shady outdoor spot!  Hanging Fuschia plants will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape or a delightful gift for your someone special!

      JQGC Hanging Fuschia


    • Beautiful Blue Lobelia loves a bright and/or sunny location outside.  Our beautiful hangers are plentiful and perfect for a gift or for you!

      JQGC Lobelia Hangers


    • We have a beautiful selection of half baskets designed to hang on a wall, fence, or home.  Varieties for sun and shade are available.  Quantities are limited.  Reserve yours today!

      JQGC Wall Hanger


    • First Signs of Spring!  Our Petite Pansy Pot is the Perfect Gift after this Long Cold Winter!

      JQGC Pansy Pot

      from $19.95

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