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    • One Dozen MEDIUM Assorted Colored  Roses Arranged in a Clear Glass Vase.  Rose Colors will vary with availability.

      JQ Many Splendored Love

      from $65.00

    • Love is in the air and pounding in your heart. Bind your hearts as one with an overwhelming and dazzling display of our premium long-stemmed rich red roses situated in a highly elegant clear glass vase. This timeless display of beauty extends the traditions of ages past to link your hearts to the future.

      JQ RP97 Attraction

      from $299.95

    • Fate brought you together for this one incredible moment. Celebrate your love and heartfelt emotion with a display of the most amazing roses. A gorgeous and lush bouquet of premium long-stemmed red roses, beautifully situated in a superior clear glass  vase, are the perfect way to shine a light on your every emotion.

      JQ RP51 Fate

      from $199.95

    • 2 Dozen Stunning Roses Arranged.

      JQ Wow!

      from $129.95

    • One Dozen White Premium Roses Arranged in a Spring Garden Vase.

      JQ Enchanting Rose Bouquet

      from $65.00

    • Feminine yet not bashful, this stunning bouquet of a dozen hot pink PREMIUM roses proves that pink can, indeed, pack a punch. Send it to an equally striking beauty.  
Other shades of pink may also be available.

      12 Hot Pink Roses

      from $65.00

    • An enchanting bouquet of PREMIUM stem lavender roses sweetly touches her heart.

      Lavender PREMIUM Rose Bouquet

      from $65.00

    • 12 Red Roses Designed in a Compact Formation.  This cube vase is lined with tropical foliage for "green" look!

      JQ Irresistible Love Rose Bouquet

      from $74.95

    • Pure white roses - purely romantic. Twelve white roses are arranged in rows of three and framed with myrtle leaves in a clear glass cube, finished with a white satin ribbon. A pretty bouquet for a bridal shower, too. Also available in many lovely colors! <br><br>Approximately 10H&quot; X 12W&quot;

      Pure Romance Rose Bouquet

      from $74.95

    • Triple Delight Rose Bud Vase with DELICIOUS NH made Ava Marie Chocolates - What a Scrumptious Pair!  Perfect for All Occasions!

      JAC Roses & Chocolates

      from $29.95

    • This bud vase of red roses is the perfect way to make someone's day.

      3 Red Roses Of Thanks

      from $24.95

    • Wow!  These Red Roses are Stunning!!!  Whether it's One or One Hundred One, Let's make someone's day!

      JAC Red Roses

      from $65.00

    • The David Austin Select Variety of Garden Rose is a "Top of the Tier" beauty, and a truly stunning gift.  They come in a variety of pastel colors, and generally require a 3-7 day pre-order.  While garden roses are most abundant in May for Mother's Day, they are available year round.  Pricing and color availability will fluctuate with the season, so please call us to place your order.

      JAC David Austin Garden Rose

      Please call for pricing

    • Roses, Roses, Roses! A Dozen Stems of assorted spray and standard roses with a variety of greenery and accents. Rose colors may vary.

      JQ Queen For A Day

      from $89.95

    • A traditional presentation of roses in a clear glass vase with the trimmings -- always a work of art.  Available in red and other beautiful colors!  br><br>Approximately 24"H x 22"W

      Blooming Masterpiece Bouquet

      from $65.00

    • One Dozen Mixed Colored Premium LS Roses Arranged with Spring Trim.

      JQ Spring Dozen PREMIUM Roses

      from $75.00

    • Sometimes a small rose bouquet can be the right choice.  This petite bouquet features 3 roses in glass bud vase, tied with a ribbon. Just Delightful!
Many colors are available.

      Triple Delight Rose Bouquet

      from $25.00

    • The love you share is clear in your heart. The classic elegance and peaceful purity of our premium long-stemmed white roses are delightfully elegant and sophisticated situated in a superior clear glass vase to create a dazzling display of limitless love and affection.

      JQ RP53 Clarity

      from $199.95

    • Grant them the ultimate indulgence with a blushing bouquet of beauteous and bountiful blooms. Our finest pale pink premium long-stemmed roses are graceful and gorgeously elegant offset by the brilliance of pink Locally-Grown Asiatic Lilies, all lovingly situated in a unique and sophisticated and superior clear glass vase to delight and dazzle.  
Includes: 30 stems of pale pink 24-inch premium long-stemmed roses, 4 stems of pink Asiatic Lilies, lush greens and a superior 14-inch clear glass tapered bullet vase. 
Approx. 30H x 23W

      JQ Exquisite

      from $179.95

    • Striking! 24 beautiful long stem pink roses are arranged with baby blue eucalyptus in a cinched glass hurricane. She deserves your extravagance.
<br><br>Approximately 23H&quot; X 27W&quot;

      Pink Passion Rose Bouquet

      from $129.95

    • A simple song to enhance the beauty of their day. An exquisite bouquet that will have them speechless. Take their breath away with our finest pink and lavender premium long-stemmed roses gorgeously situated in a highly sophisticated  clear glass vase to create the perfect moment for love to bloom.

      JQ RP98 Serenade

      from $179.95

    • They unlock your every emotion. They will always make your heart skip a beat. Offer your heartfelt love and affection with an abundance of our finest premium long-stemmed roses. These extraordinary red, pink and lavender roses display their large heads graced with a high petal count beautifully displayed in an elegant  clear glass vase to create the perfect symbol of your love.

      JQ RP96 Heartfelt

      from $299.95

    • This will make The Ultimate Statement!  Shower them with 6 Dozen Pemium Long-Stemmed Pink and Lavender Roses!

      JQ RP58 Applause

      from $299.95

    • They&#039;ve guided you through every pivotal moment in your life. Your only wish is to create as much pleasure as they have continually done throughout the years. Offer them our pale pink premium long-stemmed rose bouquet situated in a superior clear glass  vase to create a moment of delight and blushing radiance they will never forget.

      JQ RP52 Delighted

      from $199.95

    • Let your heart speak through a dazzling display of blooming beauty. 48 Stems of our finest premium long-stemmed roses in blushing shades of pink and red are offset by clouds of soft pink hydrangea, gorgeously situated in a superior clear glass  vase, to indulge their every sense.

      JQ RP99 Indulgent

      from $199.95

    • They possess every beat of your heart. Offer them our finest premium lavender roses to create that unforgettable moment. Perfectly situated in a superior clear glass vase, this extravagant rose bouquet becomes a remarkable symbol of your endless love.

      JQ RP54 Sensational

      from $199.95

    • The beauty of these 18 roses is sure to be treasured!  A charming bouquet!  Call for additional color choices.
br><br>Approximately 15&quot;H x 17&quot;W

      FTD Monticello Rose Bouquet

      from $114.95

    • Pretty, pink and perfect. There&#039;s nothing like long-stemmed pink roses to show your affection.

      A Dozen Pink Roses

      from $74.95

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