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    • You're the Best!
Thank you for making a difference

“This piece is all about the apple. I wanted it to symbolize many things ... to stand out, be large, delicious, shiny. Obviously, it’s a symbol for teacher appreciation — but the apple is also just a beautiful fruit! A metaphor for good health, for wisdom, for someone chosen for something big ... for a special person who always gives the best of her or himself, and makes a difference in the lives of others. I like that this piece is so open — I’ll be interested to read how others interpret it.”

      WT You're The Best


    • Good Health
An abundance of health and happiness

      WT Good Health


    • Angel Love
So happy to love and be loved

“This piece was directly inspired by the model. A young girl who struck this pose that just captivated me. It was a gesture where her whole body communicated — not just her arms and her head, but her shoulders, back, and the way she shifted her weight — her whole being emanated happiness from within. So I tried to capture some of that — the happiness or inner contentment that comes from knowing you are truly loved. I wanted to give her an aura, so I made a lacy pierced metal crown, tiara, halo — whatever you want to call it — I think it makes her uniquely angelic.”

      WT Angel Love


    • Angel of Friendship
For those who share the spirit of friendship

      WT Angel of Friendship


    • Bright Star
Reflecting a light from within

“Bright Star can be for a new graduate or teacher, or a congratulatory gift to a friend or child; she can be a sparkly angel for the Nativity at Christmas time. Her star can reflect the shining personality or inner beauty of the receiver."

      WT Bright Star Angel


    • Sunshine
Friendship brings the sun... and flowers bloom!

“Everyone knows somebody that lights up a room when she or he walks in. You’re always happy to see that person — it’s somebody who captures the essence of life — who’s fun to be around — who brings energy and light. Like when the sun comes out! When I’m outside on a cloudy day and feel the sun on my skin, it makes me want to turn my face up to embrace it — just like a sunflower. My sister Karen who helps me on Willow Tree was the inspiration for this piece; she raises my spirits. This piece is for those people who enrich your life every day.”

      WT Sunshine


    • Guardian Angel
May you always have an Angel to watch over you

      WT Guardian Angel


    • Angel's Embrace
Hold close that which we hold dear

“This piece can be about the feeling you get from holding a child, or the child can represent something you want to protect ... a person, a memory, a relationship, a dream, a belief. Thus, the sentiment ‘hold close that which we hold dear’ can refer to someone or something tangible — or intangible and ethereal.”

      WT Angel's Embrace


    • Sweetheart
You have a sweet heart!

"I like working with patterning and pierced metal. The wreath has always been a symbol of hospitality and welcome, and this wreath is kind of decorative—it's light and lacy and feminine. The sentiment is light-hearted... It's a little endearment; a way to say thank you, or let someone know she's special."

      WT Sweetheart


    • Surrounded by Love
Abundant love surrounds you

“I wanted to make a figure with her face in the flowers, taking them in with her senses — smelling them, feeling the petals against her face; feeling safe in that surround. So this piece could say to someone that they are loved by those around them… if a person is experiencing difficulty, it could be a reminder of family and friends who support and are there for them. Or it could be a way to say to one special person that all of your love is surrounding them (more of a romantic interpretation)… or just a little gift for someone who loves to garden… I like that people read this piece differently. The choice of red poppies was influenced by trips to France, seeing fields of poppies. The red poppy symbolizes remembrance, so this piece could be a tribute to those who served our country.”

      WT Surrounded by Love


    • Simple Joys
You're simply a joy in my life

“I like to walk in the tangles of my garden and discover little jewels that pop up or volunteer through the weeds. Usually not planned or cultivated, these colorful surprises never fail to make me smile. Like a spur-of-the-moment visit from a good friend who makes me laugh, these spontaneous happenings, however simple, can bring so much joy.”

      WT Simple Joys


    • Just for You
With sincere thanks

      WT Just for You


    • Remembrance
Memories... hold each one safely in your heart

“This piece is all about memories – how warm, comforting memories help us to heal when we’re missing someone. If you look closely at the carved icons on her dress, each recalls a memory by appealing to our senses…touch, scent, taste, sound, sight. We keep these personal memories safe within us, connecting us to those we love.”

      WT Remembrance


    • With Love
You are loved

“She’s dancing… twirling… her gesture is the message. I wanted the movement of her dress, hair and hands to communicate ‘you are loved’.”

      WT With Love


    • Angel of the Kitchen
Warm comfort between friends

      WT Angel of the Kitchen


    • Courage
Bringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage

“I sculpted the first Angel of Courage in 2001 to celebrate the triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage we call upon to face challenges in our lives — whether they be our health or the well-being of our loved ones.  In response to an overwhelming request for this sentiment, I re-sculpted Courage in 2006. I hope this figure can be a reminder of people in our lives who inspire us with their strength and courage every day.”

      WT Courage


    • Celebrate
With joyful anticipation

      WT Celebrate


    • Warm Embrace
Surrounded by the warmth of family and friends

"Warm Embrace is about what fills our senses in the summer—the feel of sunshine on your skin, the smell of freshly mown grass, the sound of insects, the taste of home-grown tomatoes—all that comes with summer. A warm embrace by family and friends can somehow, magically, provide these same sensations... no matter what time of year."

      WT Warm Embrace


    • Willow Tree Beautiful Wishes
"A gathering of beautiful wishes for you - love, health, happiness"

      WT Beautiful Wishes


    • Willow Tree Love
"Love, everlasting and true"

      WT Love


    • Willow Tree Lavender Grace
"May all your senses be filled with healing grace"

      WT Lavender Grace


    • Willow Tree Angels: Just for You
"With Sincere Thanks"

      WTA Just for You


    • Willow Tree Hope
"Hope lifts us up!"

      WT Hope


    • Willow Tree Home
"Together, our family is home"

      WT Home


    • Willow Tree Love of Learning
"Open books, Open Minds"

      WT Love of Learning


    • Willow Tree Quest
"Seek, explore, discover"

      WT Quest


    • Willow Tree Our Gift
"Our bright, joyful gift!"

      WT Our Gift


    • Willow Tree New Dad
"In awe and wonder of what's to come"

      WT New Dad


    • Willow Tree My Sister, My Friend
"Walk with me.  And along the way, we'll share... everything."

      WT My Sister, My Friend


    • Willow Tree My Girls
"Looking at you, I see wonder, joy, strength"

      WT My Girls


    • Willow Tree Soar
"A time to reflect, a time to soar"

      WT Soar


    • Willow Tree Dance of Life
"Dancing... Twirling! The magical miracle of life"

      WT Dance of Life


    • Willow Tree Cherish
"Awaiting a Miracle"

      WT Cherish


    • Willow Tree Close to Me
"Apart or together, Always close to me"

      WT Close to Me


    • Willow Tree Bloom
"Like our friendship... vibrant and ever-constant"

      WT Bloom


    • Willow Tree The Dancer
"Creative expression comes from within"

      WT The Dancer


    • Willow Tree Father & Daughter
"Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters"

      WT Father & Daughter


    • Willow Tree Father & Son
"Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and sons"

      WT Father & Son


    • Willow Tree Happiness
"FREE to sing, laugh, dance... create!"

      WT Happiness


    • Willow Tree Guardian

      WT Guardian


    • Willow Tree Grateful
"I'm so grateful for your friendship"

      WT Grateful


    • Willow Tree Grandmother
"A unique love that transcends the years"

      WT Grandmother


    • Willow Tree Grandfather
"Bridging generations with ageless love"

      WT Grandfather


    • Willow Tree Generations
"Making memories that last lifetimes"

      WT Generations


    • Willow Tree Friendship
"Friendship is the sweetest gift!"

      WT Friendship


    • Willow Tree Forget Me Not
"Holding thoughts of you closely"

      WT Forget Me Not


    • Willow Tree Birthday Boy
"Celebrate your day!"

      WT Birthday Boy


    • We carry a large selection of Willow Tree figurines, including the entire Holy Manger.  Whether for yourself or a special someone, this is a beautiful, meaningful gift to accompany your floral design. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICES.

      Willow Tree Collection

      Please call for pricing

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